Monday, January 24, 2011

Snuggie Family

Peanut got a Snuggie from his grandma and grandpa for Christmas last year. conveniently, it matched the Snuggie that his mama already had!
yeah, he is still pretty much the cutest damn dog ever!

we haven't updated this blog in a few years! wow, time flies. anyway, here is the adorable little nut once again. aging a bit, as you can see. but don't worry, he is as feisty and funny as ever!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

How Cute Is He?!?!?

it's been a while since we have updated our are some recent photos of the cutest dog in the world!

Sunday, January 29, 2006


how could anyone not want a little guy like this!? this is one of mommy-shelly's favorite pictures ever!


here are a few shots of Peanut looking like his adorable little self at Christmas.

here is Peanut in the santa suit that only mommy-shelly thought was a really good idea.

"Where is Peanut!?!

here is how cute Peanut is with the Santa hat on his head. the first time we tried to put it on he got very very mad and killed it.

here's the santa hat killer in action!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Protecting My Mommy

a few nights ago, i met a new friend. my mommy had just come home from the gym (so she looks a little yucky) and then a Boston Terrier named Beans came to visit us. i made sure he understood exactly whose house he was in and which people he would not be touching. he knew i meant business. once my mom tried to bend down to pet him and i perched my small self right on top of her thighs so Beans would know that she was mine. i was trying to be ferocious, but my mom just turned it into a hug. those are nice too.

Monday, November 14, 2005


i love to snuggle under the blue fuzzy blanket with my mommy. sometimes if they can't find me they go to all of the pillows and blankets that my mommy shelly uses the most and there i am! my mommy has two tricks to get me to listen to her, she doesn't think i am on to her, but i am! if i won't come to the kitchen when mommy shelly wants me to, or if i am hiding, she opens the closet door where the treats are kept and i am there in about 5 seconds. and if she wants to snuggle me but i am playing aloof, she just shakes the blue fuzzy blanket and i start jumping at the couch. i am a little bit too small to jmp on the couch...sometimes i make it after about 9 tries, but usually they help me!

Saturday, November 12, 2005


we'd only had Peanut for about 2 weeks when this picture was taken. we were in minneapolis visiting some friends who have a larger dog. we noticed the rawhide on the floor and thought we should probably pick it up while the two dogs meet so there aren't any fights. i laughed a little and said, "what would Peanut even do with a rawhide that big!?" a few minutes later Peanut came running up to me like this! he had found a treasure! clearly i did not yet know my dog. he has no idea that he is little and i am not going to tell him. thankfully the other dog wasn't a very possessive pup.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Peanut Harvest

sometimes they pose me. i don't generally comply very well, but even when i don't they think i am quite a sweet boy!

Trick or Treat!

this is the kind of thing my mommy shelly thinks is a good idea. i know that i look adorable, but i weigh 8 pounds! all of the big dogs will surely not take me seriously dressed like this!

My Family

this new blog will be the place for Peanut to communicate with all of his old friends from IMPS and all of his MinPin cousins who are still waiting for their forever homes. Peanut will use this site to encourage internet perusers to seriously consider taking one of his cousins into their homes because he and his new mommy have been so happy together since June 5, we think everyone should do it.

Hi. My name is Peanut and i am probably the cutest of the MinPins but all of my relatives are quite adorable as well. If you are visiting this page because you might want a tiny companion in your home, i am here to tell you that my mommy Shelly has never smiled and laughed so much in her life as she does when i greet her after work. She told me once that she never really wanted to have dogs, but when she saw me on the petfinder website i was so cute she cried a little. she doesn't know that i know this, but one time i heard her say "how did i ever live without him?"

the wonderful people at IMPS took care of me in foster care for over a year and i had a terrific foster mommy named Pam. Pam was very very sad to have to let me go because she and i loved each other so much, but i still send her pictures of myself and she knows that i am doing okay. For a little while i lived with Julie too. she works very hard for IMPS and she made sure that i found a great foster home and the right forever home. i'll keep you posted on all the adorable things i do and my mommies take tons of pictures of me so you will surely see a lot of those. sometimes they make me wear things for the pictures. some of them aren't so bad, but i have told them to stop with the sweaters, i hate the sweaters.